LG Leather Creations

BUY-IN BUNDLE 2 (Option B)


First time stockists have the option to purchase from 4 unique product BUNDLES. These bundles include all you will need to beautifully display your new collection of LG Creations jewelry in your store. FREE SHIPPING, BRANDED DISPLAYS and PRODUCT PACKAGING are all included!! Choose which bundle you would like to purchase and you will recieve a seletion of products curated just for your store!

Bundle 2 (Option B) Includes:

- 17 Sets of Lrg. Earrings

- 8 Sets of Sm. Earrings

- 9 Sets of Studs

- 12 Wrap Bracelets

- 1 Display Stand

Video - Wholesale Bundle 2B

When your order has been placed you will receive an email questionaire that will help to curate the best possible bundle suited for yout business and custombers.

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